I offer a customised coaching approach based on the individual or group needs. Depending on the outcome the client or group wants and how they wish to get there I will use Solution Coaching Mindfulness coaching in the areas of my services (Dating, relationships, Life, Social and etiquette issues). This is usually delivered Face to face or By Telephone.


A Goddess Gathering is food for the feminine soul, for fun-loving women who are interested in their personal growth and transformation. Women who DARE TO HAVE THE LIVES THEY TRULY WANT. The gatherings are for the purpose of consciously creating the juicy, pleasure, passion and purpose-filled lives women yearn for. Here I help women tap into their wowness. This is the side of every being that is creative, brilliant, purposeful, spiritual and positive. Helping people take control of their lives has always been a passion. This is usually for a small group, the group will select one of the following 10 session:


Teenagers face a tremendous amount of stress from school, friends, the family and other significant people in their lives as a result they lose confidence and get overwhelmed as a result. I facilitate informal and interactive sessions or dialogues aimed at helping teens feel heard, understood and not judged – “A big sister to share it all with”


ery often, business owners, managers and entrepreneurs are so focused on business, they forget about the impact of the proper use of Interpersonal skills. This can lead to lost business, an irritated customer and failed opportunity. Research shows that poor interpersonal skills are the number one reason why people don’t get along, don’t get promoted or, even worse, lose their jobs. I help create positive environment within small businesses through the following coaching: General skills in dealing with others: Respect for others, mutual regard, tolerance, empathy, ability to give and take criticism and communication skills Social Skills: Emotional intelligence, flexibility, commitment, ability to handle stress, willingness to learn and openness


A Social life is extremely important, whatever you can do in your life or you can invent will not pass through to others unless you have the ability to explain and express yourself, hence social skills are relevant. No matter what or who you are you will have to socialize at some point or the other in life but many people struggle to connect with others because of poor social skills hence the social skills training are a vital part of building confidence. That’s why I host different events and social get -togethers to help you to fine tune your personal conduct and build the confidence you need to advance and thrive in any social situation. Master the art of networking, learn key conversation survival skills etc


Coach KB also does private and corporate MC and speaking events. She is an expert in warming up the audience, interacting with them and she has creative games and jokes to make any event a success